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This page records the building of the Chita Village Primary School by the local community.

Follow the story of Chita village primary school here

Chita Village Community preparing to build

Project manager Sam Simwanger starts the build

Preparing the slab

Chita Village community at build

Brickwork complete

The roof goes on

The windows and doors are coming

Decorated and complete


In 2012 we opened Chita Village primary school. However much more is needed to be done to ensure the development remains a success as follows

1. The provision of additional water bores holes and pumps in the surrounding area.

2. The provision of teacher accommodation. It is the norm in Zambia for teachers to live on site in close proximity to the local school. Not only does this ensure the attraction of quality permanent teachers but also provides necessary role models for the surrounding villagers influencing the community spirit, education and the well being of the area.

3. The provision of additional classrooms and a near by secondary school to allow pupils to continue education.

Whilst working closely with the Ministry of Education and community and other charities, to ensure that our policies and aspirations match the needs of the community, we thoroughly research all activities and developments to ensure that we are providing the most suitable facilities in the most sustainable way.

Help us develop and improve the life of children in North Zambia.

In Mid 2012 Chita Village Primary School was complete and handed over to the Mpika Ministry of Education. The school was built to plans and regulations provided by the Ministry of Education and took just over 12 months to build using experienced builders overseen by an on site project manager to coordinate the purchase and delivery of materials and completion of each phase.

The Ministry of Education also attended during the build phase to ensure the building work was in accordance with their plans and regulations.